Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baseball Heroes Cheat Engine

Special thanks to the Elite Belgian Hack Group (E.B.H.G.) & l33tox for finding the algorithm to make this Baseball Heroes cheat engine working. The community is thankful and supportive for the hard work you guys done.

Note: This Baseball Heroes cheat engine, unlike other cheat tools, doesn't require your username, email and password, so you don't have to worry about having your account hacked nor banned. However, try to use it maximum 5 times per week, just to stay under the radar.

  Realtime: Your code will be 89.99% accurate
 User-friendly interface
 Configured to work for any server (International)
 Updated weekly (in case it will get patched, it will take only a couple of hourse until the update will come out; autoupdate option is on, you are asked before to confirm if you want to update this Baseball Heroes cheat engine; always look at the date when this was uploaded last time, to see how recent is)
 Clean file (if you want to be extra sure, you can scan it once again with
 3 Integrated Plugins For Accuracy + Settings (See Inside) + How To Use Guide
 Not very easy to use, unless you read and follow up the guide
 It has been tested by an entire community of gamers (l33t), however nobody tried to use the Baseball Heroes cheat engine (2013 version) more than 5 times a week, so keep it under the radar.

Compatible Operating System

Windows XP, Vista, 7 & MAC
(Note: Not tested with Windows 8)

Baseball Heroes Cheat Engine 2013 PROOF

Instructions to use this Baseball Heroes Cheat Engine (2013 Version):
  1. Watch the whole video for the tutorial.
  2. If that doens't help you, read the guide inside the program, text guide, step by step.
  3. Feel free to share it only with your friends, don't spread it around to everybody. Enjoy!
Click below to download:

In case you don't know how to download, please watch this short tutorial video

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